B.C. are nowadays very popular in agility shows, freesbe and TV advertisements. But, where do they come from?.It is said that they first appeared between V and I b.C., and when Celtic tribes settled at the Irish region. Used as herding dog, it became very useful for shepherds that selected the very best samples bearing in mind their work and endurance.

In Bleu Perle Border Collies we work to make these values prevail.

Frontier Collie

A very hard work that made of the breed the best herding dog on the world. It seems that the name comes from the Gaelic collie, which means "useful". Time elapsed and Celtic tribes moved to border areas between Scotland and England: the breed appeared, also known as "Frontier Collie".


Border Collies are noble, loyal and warm dog. But, mainly, clever. There is no need of several repetitions to make them to learn an order and they surprisingly assimilate things. It is said that they are the cleverest dogs in the world .

Tireless at work, relationship between owner and dog may be unconditional. The dog will do everything to please his master, who will have to make a communication link with the dog. And then, owner and dog will be just one, at herding, agility, or simply at home, as a pet. Is attentive and have a good willingness to work, peerless regarding other species. Loving the work, they are unrivaled in herding, but also in other disciplines, such us Agility where their qualities make them a star

However, they are not just working dogs. One of the most valued features by families having one of our puppies is their happiness, cheerfulness as well as their willingness to play and warm. They are very kind with children, and are perfect as a family pet.

Herding instinct

A good Border Collie will always be ready to work. They have a passion for shepherd, paying attention to sheep from the very beginning and trying to control them. Their hypnotic or strong look,selfconfidence and smooth movements are their best allies, as well as their quickness, agility and bravery.

Herding is not, however, the only discipline where they stand out. Their attention, work values and concentration make them perfect in agility, where they usually win the competitions.

Also, in obedience and dog dancing, where they remain unrivaled because of their inner obedience.